5 Reasons why your business needs a new website


Your business most likely has an existing website but have you taken time out to evaluate if your website is working for you or simply, does it look good and professional enough compared to my competitors? Maybe it is time to get a new website for your business. Here are 5 reasons why you need a new website:

1) You’re good looking

You built a website a long time ago. It is still okay. Actually, it looks good. Quite good. (But not great.)

You need a new website because your business deserves to look better than your competitors’. Why? Because you are better than them. A new website says a lot about your business: it’s a window into your shop; it’s an advertisement of your brand; it’s the first point of contact for many of your future customers.

Why stay with something good (let’s face it, it’s not very good if it’s more than three years old) when you can have something great.

2) You want to Act Responsibly Responsively

Your website looks good and performs well and it’s easy for users to find what they are looking for (on desktop screens). But… when someone looks at it on a phone, the images are squashed, the text is tiny, users have to double-tap to zoom in to read things, then they have to drag the screen back and forth because the end of a sentence is off the screen.

You need a new website to keep up with modern browsing trends. About 40% of internet traffic these days is via mobile devices. (And this figure is increasing!) You need to make sure that your content, your designs, and your user experience is optimised for all types of devices. You don’t just need a new website, you need a new responsive website.

3) You’re Social (but your website isn’t)

You like to talk to people. You like to meet clients (especially new ones). You’re social. However…

You need a new website to ensure that you are making the most of social media. Your present website doesn’t have links to your Facebook and Twitter pages. The pages on your website don’t have buttons to allow users to share your news and blogs on their own social media channels. You don’t even have a news section on your website for users to share. Other people sharing your posts and pages is free advertising. You need a new website because you want free advertising.

4) You want to save Money

Every time you want to make a change to your website you have to get in contact with your developers and ask them to do it for you. And they charge you.

You need a new website because most of the changes you want to make to your website can be done by you. With a content management system, you simply login, click on the page you want to edit, edit it, and then click save. Simple.

5) You want to make Money

You have a website and people can see what your business is all about. But what if your website could pay for itself many times over?

You need a new website because your present one does not have any e-commerce functionality. You don’t just want people to see your products and then purchase somewhere else, do you? You want them to see your products and click that “Add to Cart” button (that doesn’t exist on your website yet!). When someone enters your store (online or offline), they are already about 60% committed to making a purchase. Don’t put barriers in their way by not having the facility for online shopping there.

Because you need a new website, you need to talk to Mazjo Media.

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